Five important words about my design philosophy are: Material, Quality, Form, Geometry and Relationship.

I am interested in form and material. Coming from a glass background I decided to learn about ceramics at Royal College of Art in London. Within these two materials I do design work and I do one-off work in glass. The design work is for domestic interior and is meant to be both functional and decorative. The one-off work is also objects for the domestic interior and the function will be pleasure and aesthetics.

Before I started working with glass I worked for ten years as a Lady’s Tailor in Jørgen Benders Haute Couture Salon in Copenhagen. We made fashion- and gala clothes mostly for the Royal Danish and the Royal Swedish families. My background is highly skilled handcraft and I like to make and work with my hands.

The aim or the concept for all my work - be it design work or one-off objects - is to introduce beauty and strength by using a simple and pure form language. All projects are linked together by abstract concepts such as the relationship of forms, how they work together and how they interact visually. My primary concern in the design process is to create a dialog between form and material. This dialog should highlight or bring forward the best qualities in both form and material and create a harmonious and strong design.

Material and Quality: What I like about glass is its transparency and reflection of the light. Also in coloured objects and even in mat surfaces the light plays an important role, which is unique for glass. For porcelain you can also talk about transparency but first of all as for material ceramics is very good for working with form.

Form: As a Lady’s Tailor I learned to cut from looking at a drawing. This was the beginning of working with form. My Scandinavian background has given me the love of minimalism and simplicity.

Geometry: When I design I make a small game with myself to see if I can adjust the idea of the form to an equation or to geometry. It is almost as having an excuse for knowing that then the design is “good enough” or “has a reason”. To find an equation for the form is of course not always possible. First priority is to find a symbiosis between form and function.

Relationship: If the design consists of more than one object the relationship between the objects is of importance both for form, function and material.